Mental Training Series (Complete Set Discs 1-4)


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Over 3 hours of positive mental training on audio! Save 20% over buying each disc individually!

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Disc 1 (3 tracks)

Nervous before matches? The Short Mental Relaxation track will help get you in your “Zone of Optimal Performance.” Hearing negative thoughts? Replace those using the Positive Mental Affirmations track. Tired after a tough practice or weekend tournament? Use the Long Mental Relaxation track to recover and relax quicker. Athletes will improve their skills of visualization in the areas of conditioning, technique, executing moves and positive attitude. (37:28)

Disc 2 (4 tracks)

Includes information on how to mentally deal with, Managing Weight, developing a positive attitude while Healing from Injury, finding Motivation to Condition and how to keep your eye on the prize with Hanging on to the Dream. (50:10)

Disc 3 (3 tracks)

Use the Dealing with Pre-Match Nervousness track as a specific tool to not only relax better but to find tools to get in the “zone” when nervous feelings develop. Mental Prep for a Big Match helps develop the best mindset possible when facing tough opponents. Use the Following Through to Achieve Your Goals track lays out the principles of building successful habits, including use of the Championship Training Log App (or Championship Training Log Book).

Disc 4 (4 tracks)

Build confidence in key areas of our sport! Specific mental visualization scenarios are presented on tracks such as, Controlling the Mat, Scoring at the End of a Period, How to Come from Behind for the Win, and how to Stretch Out the Lead and Finish Opponents. In tough times, we all fall back on our training. Make sure your training includes all these key wrestling tools. (41:10)