Session 6 Wrestling Clinics Support the Goals You Set for Your Wrestlers!

This one-day (5 hour) clinic helps your wrestlers analyze their training habits in a positive mental atmosphere. It’s a great tool to help coaches and wrestlers to work together to reach full individual and team wrestling potential.

Wrestlers and coaches attending camps and clinics will receive discounts on all Session 6 training materials!

Designed by The Championship Training Log author, Coach Mike Clayton, the Session 6 Wrestling Clinics help wrestlers get motivated, set goals, improve focus, learn technique, all while developing organizational and prioritizing skills. The goal is to work with coaches and wrestlers to maximize training efficiency and healthy life habits.

You’ll see yourself winning a state or national championship and map you path to success.

Watch Coach Clayton at the 2016 The Aspen Institute’s Project Play on Youth Sports

Clinics are designed to help improve:

  • Wrestling technique
  • Motivation
  • Nutrition
  • Focus and goal-setting
  • Strength skills
  • Mental toughness
  • Confidence

Championship Training Log Clinics are designed to get wrestlers “THINKING” about the sport of wrestling and how they can develop their skills and knowledge of wrestling training habits with an easy to use training guide.

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