Host a Clinic

Host a Wrestling Clinic

Clinics are held at your school or in small groups at the Colorado Springs Home Training Center for Session 6. The clinic will teach wrestlers how to use the training log while they learn skills on how to focus, solid nutrition, hydration, strength training and wrestling technique. All CTL clinics are insured by The Camp Team.

Clinics can be custom built to fit your needs. Standard clinics are usually 1-2 days for 4-6 hours/day. Clinics are generally held on Saturdays or Sundays. Call or email us for pricing.

Campers will get a truly unique clinic experience that strengthens their positive mental attitude, goal-setting skills, intensity, focus, technique, flexibility, strength, conditioning and much much more! (Try the Colorado Springs location for some additional fun hiking mountain trails!)

“I believe that wrestling plays a highly educational part in the development of a boy. The fundamental that every successful wrestler must acquire, and which has great carry-over value after his student days, is self-discipline. From self-discipline stems self-confidence and belief in one’s self. What greater lesson can a sport impart?”

— Cliff Keen
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Clinic Fact Sheet

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Who: (any wrestler of any age)

Session 6, L.L.C. clinics are presented by Naval Academy graduate and college head coach Mike Clayton. Mike specializes in motivating wrestlers to achieve their best. Clinics include sports psychology, focus improvement, high energy, outstanding technique and his book, The Championship Training Log. He’ll guide you through positive mental training and personal development for on/off the mat.

Where: (anywhere)

Clinics are held at your local club or school for wrestlers of all ages and ability levels. All you’ll need is mat space and wrestlers excited about working hard to reach their goals. Coach Clayton provides insurance and uses his projector for audio and visual training aids.

When: (almost anytime)

Clinic schedules are flexible for your needs but normally occur on Saturdays or Sundays for about five hours. We encourage several water breaks throughout the clinic and some clubs choose to provide a mid-clinic snack for campers. Call today as dates fill up fast!


All Session 6 clinics are insured by THE CAMP TEAM. Insurance covers clinicians, campers and host organizations. Certificates for proof of insurance are available upon request.


We keep costs low to promote the Session 6 goal of reaching as many wrestlers across the nation as possible. Costs average at or below $50 per camper for a guarantee of at aprx 30 campers.

Session 6 products are used and carried by these fine folks:

Lehigh University Camps, US Military Academy, McDaniel College, Ken Chertow’s Wear and Gear, Worldwide Sport, Suplay, Championship Productions, Wrestling One, DJ Sportswear, Time to Wrestle, Gameday Sports, as well as youth and high school wrestlers across the country!

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